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10 Ways To Upgrade An Eggo Waffle (Recipes The Whole Family Will Enjoy)

Ah the beloved Eggo waffle. It got me through the worst of my morning sickness and is now a breakfast staple for my toddler.

But just because an Eggo waffle is quick and easy to make doesn’t mean you can’t transform it into something other than a delicious pile of butter and maple syrup.

Here are 10 recipes that take the blank canvas that is an Eggo waffle and transform it into something incredibly tasty.

1. Eggo Monte Cristo Sandwiches

Find this Eggo Monte Cristo Sandwich recipe at Real Mom Kitchen.

2. Berry Cream Cheese Waffle Bake

Find this Berry Cream Cheese Waffle Bake recipe at The TipToe Fairy.

3. Eggo Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Find this Eggo Grilled Cheese Sandwich recipe at Stock Piling Moms.

4. Waffle Nachos

Find this Waffle Nachos recipe at Gimme Delicious.

5. Waffle Breakfast Casserole

Find this Waffle Breakfast Casserole recipe at Midwest Living.

6. Pub Waffle Sandwich

Find this Pub Waffle Sandwich recipe at Frugal Family Favorites.

7. Mini Pepperoni Pizza Waffles

Find this Mini Pepperoni Pizza Waffles recipe at Ready Set Eat.

8. Chicken And Waffle Sliders

Find this Chicken And Waffle Sliders recipe at Spicy Southern Kitchen.

9. Eggo Frozen Waffle Pies

Find this Eggo Frozen Waffle Pies recipe at Eggo.

10. Apple Cinnamon French Toast Waffles

Find this Apple Cinnamon French Toast Waffles recipe at Spoon University.

Which recipe are you planning on trying? Let me know how it turns out in the comments below!

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